De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Best De’Longhi EC155 coffee maker review

Delonghi Ec155

Nothing is exceptional than having a cup of coffee in your morning before doing any activity where it helps you focus on your work or whatever you want to do.
There are many options when choosing a coffee machine that will make the perfect coffee cup for you
In this review, I will review De’Longhi EC155 coffee maker and explain to you the essential features and defects of this machine
How to pick the right coffee maker
First of all, you have to Specify your needs and your best way to make it using a ground coffee or capsules?
Also, what is your favorite coffee drink espresso, cappuccino or latte?!

Specifications for Delonghi Ec155

-15 Bar pressure pump
-manual forther
-35Oz water tank (Removable)
-holder filter (three in one)
-Boiler (stainless steel)

Reasons to buy DeLonghi Ec155

DeLonghi Ec155 have many features. The most important one is

1- The unique patented dual filter holder: you can get your coffee from brewing ground coffee or the faster option from the POD.
2- Also, two separated thermostat will give the highest temperature cup of coffee.
3- Swivel Jet Frother: with this feature from DeLonghi Ec155 it is easy to prepare creamy forth latte and cappuccino very fast every time
4- Self-Priming Operation: there is no more waiting time for operation this feature will help you to get your morning coffee express
5-Easy to use: there is no need experience to operate it and get perfect cup of coffee quickly with 15 bar pressure
6-Easy to clean: it is effortless to clean parts of machine
easy to remove water tank and refill it then re-insert – removable drip tray to wash and reinstall it – steamer easy to clean
7-Elegant design: DeLonghi give the Ec155 modern design with black and silver color to match it to kitchen decor

8-warranty one year from purchase date

9-reasonable Price




Reasons to stay away from buying DeLonghi Ec155

1- Drip hight: too small drip hight the maximum height to the cup is 2.5” it is too short.
2-The frothing arm is also so close to the counter.




Delonghi Ec155 like any product has advantages and disadvantages but still exceptional value if you compare it to another coffee makers under $100.

Best De’Longhi EC155 coffee maker review
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The Good
  • The unique patented dual filter holder
  • Two separated thermostat
  • Swivel Jet Frother
  • Self-Priming Operation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonable Price
  • One year warranty
The Bad
  • The frothing arm is close to the counter.
  • Too short drip hight


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